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Attend a short course on the fundamentals and applications of surfactant science and technology.

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Bring a short course on the fundamentals and applications of surfactant science to you.

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Hire us to perform custom, proprietary research that answers questions and helps you stay ahead of your competitors.


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Selected publications of our own on-going research as professors at the University of Oklahoma.

Surfactant Associates, Inc. provides practical training, consulting and contract research in the field of colloid and surface science.

We offer expert support to industry and government agencies involved in the application of surfactant technologies. The range of such applications is ever-widening and includes examples such as enhanced oil recovery, detergent and personal care product formulation, soil and groundwater remediation, wastewater clean-up, paper and plastics reuse, surface modification and many more. We provide in-depth surfactant training through regular offerings of short courses. These courses provide essential understanding of surfactant processes to key personnel and large groups alike. Options include on-site courses at your company or off-site courses at our facilities in Oklahoma. We also perform contract research, on proprietary projects. Visit the Resources page to learn more about current and future applications of surfactant technology through selected publications of our own research.